donderdag 17 december 2015

The Dutch speak really good English

In comparison with other countries, the Dutch speak really good English. In an annual list drawn up by the educational organisation "Education First" the Netherlands comes second, after Sweden.
The research carried out by "Education First" involves testing some 900,000 people in 70 countries where English is not the main language. Last year Denmark was still in the lead, but Sweden has now taken over that position. Libya came in last on the list.

The fact that the Netherlands scores so highly is down to the high level of education, according to "Education First". Dutch children also pick up the English language easily, by watching television.

Belgium just 17th
It is striking that Belgium is ranked 17th. During the test a clear difference emerged between Flemings and Walloons. The Flemings speak significantly better English than their French-speaking compatriots.

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